who we are?

  • Commutamus (lat.: com=together, mutamus= we change) is specialized in change processes and consultancy for businesses that aim to improve their efficiency with little investment of funds
  • We are lean experts for the areas total flow management (value stream design, kanban, clocked material supply, lean logistic etc.); total productive maintenance (Autonome und geplante Instandhaltung= autonomous and planned maintenance); lean administration (process mapping); quality management (6Sigma), change management (= house of change)
  • With our experience in top management and our operational expertise we develop a system for performance measurement together with you and customize it specifically for your employees
  • In collaboration with your employees we implement the system upgrades pragmatically in implementation workshops and trainings thus increasing acceptance for change in your company
  • We focus on simple solutions and customer benefit
  • We actively reduce losses and wasting of resources by indicating potential upgrades and strengthening your company’s ability for continuous improvement
  • We help you help yourself to enable you to drive development autonomously and keep your company independent from consultants
  • We meet you at eye level with our hands-on approach


We take on responsibility

We support social project like hospital clowns, Target (Rüdiger Nehberg), and many more on a regular basis.

“During takeovers buyers should calculate 10-15% of the purchase price for post-M&A integration since it is very hard to join forces and run at the same time.”

Geschäftsführer commutamus