Lean Enterprise

Management Coaching, Expert Training and Shop Floor Management

Lean Logistic, Process Synchronisation, Lean Manufacturing and Low Cost Automation

who benefits from our consulting services?

Our broad experience is based on more than 300 successful projects

  • Medium-sized companies and big corporations
  • Hidden champions and companies with a long tradition
  • Start-ups and global players
  • Nonincorporated firms and companies quoted on the stock exchange
  • Equipment manufacturers and service providers
  • Our service portfolio covers a broad range of consulting topics from restructuring to growth strategies

We consider ourselves practitioners with long-term practical experience rather than just consultants.

commutamus has successfully supported the following companies with the implementation of product systems (design and roll-out) and lean manufacturing methods:

“Commutamus is one of the few management consultants that we were happy to assign again.”

Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh

CEO, Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG Vreden

„I arrived with many question marks and left with an exclamation mark. The workshop was great!“

workshop participant


“It’s amazing how commutamus manages to generate such an enthusiasm for lean activities among our employees in a short timeframe.”

Günther Heiden

former CEO, SMP Deutschland GmbH, Bötzingen